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NYT at Bonnaroo

Still feeling the love for our region, David Carr of the New York Times is covering Bonnaroo for ArtsBeat.
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NYT Loves 'em some Knoxville!

I'm going to start posting more stuff on my Tumblr blog, or at least the cool Knoxville-related items with a mix of personal stuff. But I posted this on Tumblr and forgot to share: 

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Help save the Dept. of Audiology and Speech Pathology at UT

Our state is staring down the barrel of a big budget cutback, and this is one of the lambs on the block. Take a moment to read this moving post about the situation and consider contacting the governor and UT board about the issue.

I realize there's no saving everything, but I would think that, in this region, we should put a higher price on the ability of our citizens to speak and hear correctly.

UPDATE: While the battle for the building appears to have been won, the larger battle for the department continues. WBIR has more.
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Community Supported Agriculture

How would you like to get fresh veggies monthly while supporting local farmers? No, Harry & David this isn't-- those fruits are flown in from around the world and shipped in extravagant containers. I went looking for some CSA's near Knoxville and found only one. CSA stands for community-supported agriculture, and I really hope the idea catches on. Essentially you can "buy in" to a farmer's haul for a season, and pick up your portion at regular intervals.

LocalHarvest located one CSA farm near Knoxville: Green Man Farm. I think I actually bought some butter lettuce from them this past week on my trip to the Market Square Farmer's Market. Looks like you could have bought in to this year's crop and picked up 25 weeks of produce for as little as $400 for the year. Think about how much you spend on groceries per month!

I know some restaurants, like La Costa, source their food somewhat locally, but doing this in an easy way for the average consumer could really be a cool thing. As food (and transport!) costs go up, it'll be one way of coping. Couple it with a modern-day Victory gardens and we could be looking at an agricultural renaissance.
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Staying alive on a bike in Knoxville

My first year out of UT I lived in a nice house just a mile away from the big Kay's Ice Cream in South Knoxville (the one with the big ice cream cone on Chapman Hwy). From there, one of my roommates would bike his way to campus each day. Noah wasn't afraid to bend the rules of the road, like biking on the sidewalk as he crossed the bridge. But then, Noah was known to do a little graffiti back in the day...

Anyway, Patrick Beeson has a revelatory guide to commuting via bike on his blog. It certainly helps that he is 2.5 miles from work, but I wonder if our greenways or side streets help others bike to work? I'm hopeful our country will someday make bike traffic more user-friendly, like Holland. Perhaps when gas hits $10 a gallon?
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Bloggity Boom

In the past couple of weeks I've been able to track down quite a few bloggers and work-at-home types, all of whom are creating these amazing content gardens all over Knoxville. One caught my eye: Knoxify, an incredibly well-done blog by Casey Peters and Brandon Clarke. From there I found Instaknox, a local version of Twitter (basically), and Knoxd, which looks an awful lot like one of the Alltop sites.

I really think localized versions of these larger services is where it's at, and while I'm sure there's plenty of this elsewhere, I can't express how fantastic it is to see such effort here in Knoxville. Just a month ago I was worrying aloud about the vivacity of our local creative and techy populace. Turns out I just don't get around much!

Well, we are SO having some big ol' meetup. Don't know where, how, when or what shape it'll take (social event or barcamp? panels or keynotes?)
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Surely we are weirder than this?

Using my old new friend StumbleUpon I found StrangeUSA's list of "strange stuff" in Knoxville. Pretty disappointing! Cemeteries and our haunted locales and one UFO listing... I guess it'd be hard to replicate what Jack Neely dug up over the years, eh?

In Oak Ridge they've got a statue of Mary with the atomic orbits symbol on the base-- that's pretty funky. Unfortunately I see less weird stuff in Knoxville each year, mostly due to our ever-expanding strip mall populations and the "updates" our fine contractors do to existing properties. 

For example, there was a pressure-washing rental place on Clinton Hwy. that was painted purple with big, pink circles all over it. I guess the owner thought it'd stand out more if they painted it white, which they did. Sad.

So where's the weird stuff you've found in Knoxville?

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Knoxville is No. 10 on Forbes' list of Best Places for Business and Careers

Is it any surprise? A couple of weeks ago Forbes posted their "Best Places for Business and Careers" list, and Knoxville wound up at number 10. Here's the 9 above us:
  1. Raleigh, NC
  2. Boise, ID
  3. Fort Collins, CO
  4. Des Moines, IA
  5. Lexington, KY
  6. Atlanta, GA
  7. Richmond, VA
  8. Olympia, WA
  9. Spokane, WA

Durham, NC made #12. It makes me glad to see so many Southern cities on that list!

Sure, some folks I know may prefer Southern California, or the New York area, but I'll keep my little Southeastern hamlet, thanks.

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Welcome Jim Samples to Knoxville!

Most of this town won't have a clue who Jim is, but I've been an admirer for a while. He's the former chief of Cartoon Network who resigned *cough* after Boston lost its sense of humor and went kookoockachoo over those Adult Swim neon signs were strapped to poles in public view.

Well it looks like HGTV snagged the brilliant man who had the brains to OK shows like Aqua Teen Hunger Force. Everyone who worked at CN (owned by Time-Warner, the same folks who pay my checks via AOL/Weblogs, where I work) said nothing but good things about Jim, and frankly I'm giddy that he'll be setting down roots in our squalid little burg.

Of course, we're not squalid. HGTV and Scripps in general is making some pretty good moves lately. While I doubt their Pickle video service will fly, I do know they've snagged other top talent from the likes of Yahoo, and while I may poke fun at the resilience of their News-Sentinel blogging efforts, the fact is they make a tasty meal of info EVERY SINGLE DAY.

Naturally, I do the same thing, and I do it a a lot cheaper, but we won't get into that now.

Welcome to Knoxville Jim, please don't be offended if I actually ask for your autograph. It's the closest to Frylock I'll ever get.