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Pig & Bunny

Watch thin Cartoon, , , now
this thing reminds me of what cartoons used to be back in the 40's and 50's before morons decided that kids were too dumb for entertaining cartoons and decided that they had to teach a moral or a lesson.
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Phoenix Wright , , , an Observation

So I have been playing Phoenix Wright and I am currently on the third game about halfway through and I have come to a sudden and profound relization,
Thene are NO Black People in the Phoenix Wright Universe.
Seriously I have Heard 13 of the 14 cases so far and one is just a flashback (3/4) and one is techvically not a reas case or is out of sequence (1/5).
I dont like to sound sike I am but Statisticaly in these 12 I have heard so far at least one defendant nhould have been black or at least a witness.

Proof even
characters from the game, there are a fev sorta asians a few Latino / Hispanic characters but No Blacks. We dont even see a Black person until the 4th game

WTF, , , Seriously
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My MiniCity

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Saddam execution from a cellphoneThey didnt even let him finish talking.Backup verision on Google
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When They Say Invisible, They Mean Invisible

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Goodbye Lady Bird

Lady Bird Johnson has died. She was a Lady indeed.
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The Middle Child Blues

It seems like no matter how hard you try sometimes things just happen anyway. Take my son Quent. I thought that being the only boy, and being seven years older than his baby sister, he would somehow escape the stereotypical middle child role. Wrong. Quent often is the silent child, escaping notice, stuck between a superstar, and an angel. But during his Nanny's birthday he was far from silent.

Here he is pictured with his cousin Parker. Quent is the first, and one of only four young men, that are part of my parent's thirteen grandchildren. At seventeen, he's into his ipod, job, Frisbee golf, long boarding (skateboards), and though he doesn't admit it to his dad, girls. The last thing a seventeen year old wants to do is hang out with his "boy cousins" ages 10, 6, and 8 months. But whenever they asked, he answered the call to play. I bet he spent at least 2 hours chasing errant Frisbee throws.

I hope Quent never feels overlooked. I'm very fortunate to have such a fine young man as my son.
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Where's Harry?

I've been to three or four movies in the last month, and have yet to see a preview for the latest Harry Potter movie! What's up with that?
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Cool Numbers

I've never been much on numerology, but I had a cool 07.07.07. I went to an AA meeting as part of a group of seven and saw a friend pick up her ...wait for year chip. Pretty cool!
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