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Happy Birthday Nanny!

Tomorrow is my mom's birthday. As a surprise for Nanny (as she is now known) all my brothers and sisters and their children came in as a suprise. As an added suprise her sister Laura flew in from Charlottesville, Virginia. We had her husband, sister, five children, 12 of 13 grandchildren and three dogs. A splended time was had by all. Check out the photos.

Happy Birthday Nanny!

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Seven Random Facts

I was tagged by Tish for the Seven Random Facts meme.

The Rules:

  • Players start with 7 random facts/habits about themselves.
  • People who are tagged need to write their own blog posts with their 7 things as well as these rules.
  • You need to tag 7 others and list their names on your blog.
  • Remember to leave a comment for them letting them know they have been tagged and to read your blog.

Here facts seven random are.

  1. I sleep with a 20 inch box fan mere inches from my bed. I love the white noise.
  2. I my favorite dog was Herbie. We got him when I was 8, and he live until I was 20. He was 1/2 Beagle and 1/2 Dachshund. have been recognized by online friends several times while out in public.
  3. My favorite movie is Lawrence of Arabia, which my kids hate, and when they were little I would hold over their heads if they were misbehaving. "Keep this up and we'll get to watch Lawrence again."
  4. My favorite University of Tennessee football player of all time is Eddie Brown.
  5. My favorite writer is is a toss up between John Irving, and Tom Wolfe.
  6. Reggie White ran over me in high school. I was working as a photographer, and the play went out of bounds, and Reggie went over me.
  7. I got to work White House Advance for President Ronald Reagan's trip to Athens and Knoxville, Tennessee in September 24, 1985.
Now I tag Michael, Barry, Doug, Cathy, Sarah, Newscoma, Lane
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Bush Devalues Pardons

Yesterday, President Bush commuted Scooter Libby's prison sentence and Democrats are hopping mad. Often accusing Mr. Bush of being an idiot, they now have firm economic data to support their claim. In letting Mr. Libby off the hook, Mr. Bush didn't collect a single dime. Democratic president Bill Clinton had pardoned as many people (9) as his three predecessors combined (Bush 4, Reagan 1, Carter 4), and made millions of dollars in the process. All his pardonees were democratic operatives, and one, Susan McDougal, will now take the truth of the Clinton's Whitewater involvement with her to the grave. After all that work to turn pardons into a cash cow, George Bush ruined the market in one measly commutation.

In a historical note, Ronald Reagan is credited with the most egregious pardon in US history, pardoning George Steinbrenner.
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Chicken Little vs. Diabetes

Hypochondria has long run in my family, and though I don't want to seem immodest, we do it better than most I know. I had an uncle that claimed he suffered from PMS for almost 13 years. So when I went for my annual physical last Monday, I fully expected to have some medical mole hill I could turn into a mountain. Wednesday, I got a call from Dr. Bellingrath's nurse Tammy. "Me Willson, we have your blood tests back. Your cholesterol is a bit high, but nothing that requires medication. Your HDL and LDL levels are (whatever they were I wasn't listening.) and oh yeah, you've got dia...

Now here is where I would normally go into my best Chicken Little impersonation before I even heard the rest of the word. It didn't matter if she said diarrhea or diverticulitis I would have been off to the races with the whole sky is falling routine complete with woe is me, and funeral plans.

What Tammy told me was "you've got diabetes". She also said that Len wanted to see me as soon as was convenient. I was surprised at how calm I was at the time. I didn't even tell anyone for several hours. But by late Wednesday night, the kick in the pancreas had taken effect, and I had to leave work early and get in a meeting.

I saw Len again Friday, and he told me I have Type 2 Diabetes. I'm fortunate that we caught it before any symptoms had occurred. I will have to take metformin daily, but other than that should be able to go on as normal. I'm still working on losing weight (down 9lbs to date) and changing my diet. Sell your Mayfield's stock. And, I hope your sitting down, I've even started exercising. Something to which I was previously theologically opposed. The thunder you hear in West Knoxville will not be our much needed rain, just me working out.
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Katie recently went to see Sicko. Here is part of her thoughts on the movie:

It is my hope that this movie, which is as Cathy says MORE A FORM OF POLITICAL PROTEST than a documentary, will one day be seen as the watershed moment that finally galvanized Americans to action on this critical issue..

I have not seen the movie, and don't feel a need to. First of all, anyone who has spent anytime at all negotiating our health care system knows it to be a nightmare at best and death at it's worst. To say that America's health care system is broken and needs fixing is simply a statement of the obvious. Doug and Cathy have talked about this, and I will be posting soon about my own adventures down the yellow brick PPO road. We'll take whatever catalyst we can get to make the system better.

Secondly, having spent a day or twelve working around the old economic model, I find it preposterous that doing away with all profit motive will improve health care in this country. Especially when message comes from someone, Mr. Moore, making millions off the message itself. What the...? Somebody call Ripley's, cause this stuff can't be real.

Finally, what model does Mr. Moore offer as the solution to our medical woes? Cuba. Cuba? CUBA! You don't have free speech, but you do get free health care. However, if two or more of you gather in the doctor's office you could be arrested for subversion. How do we even know if Cuba's health care system is worth a damn. I don't watch a lot of TV, but to my knowledge folks are casting aside trips for consultations at the Mayo Clinic, or John Hopkins in order to find out what the folks in Havana think. Medical students aren't taking rafts from Miami hoping to get a better medical education from Fidel.

In America someone who rails against the inadequacies and inequities of the health care system is called a consumer advocate. In Cuba they are called prisoner #47625.
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In the words of Michael Silence...

In the words of Michael Silence..
OUCH! Oklahoma.
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A Very Quite Tempest

I went to see the Tennessee Stage Company's production of The Tempest. I enjoyed the staging, however, I could hardly hear the actors. I think I'll try a bit later in the summer and see if I can't get a seat closer to the front.
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A Great day in the woods at The Woods

I went to a Chrysalis gathering today at Wesley Woods. I love being at the Woods. David Leach and crew do a super job. If you have a chance to send your hoodlums there, I highly recommend it.
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Our Worst Fears Realized

Clara Grace turned 10 Wednesday, and her mother got her a dog for the occasion. This is especially nice since her mom is not even on the same hemisphere with dog lovers. So today was the big day when the new dog arrived. All we knew was that it was a 1 year old tea cup poodle. Now, for years I have indoctrinated the children in naming dogs. My ideal was to have the most harmless, insignificant animal ever placed on the planet by the Lord, and to name it Doom. (Childish I know, but funny none the less.)

So Quent and I have spent the last few days trying to talk Clara Grace a cool name for the animal. Here are a few of our favorites:
Brutus, Maximus (Max for short), and Wolfgang among others. Our favorite name, Quent and I, was to call the dog Frank after Clara Grace's uncle Frank. It was sort of a Pirates of the Caribbean "we named the monkey Jack" kind of thing. We even offered $20 bucks a piece, but she turned down the 40 francs in order to name the dog herself.

Finally, the big moment arrived, Clara Grace brought the dog to my house and introduced him as Pierre. That's right, Pierre - a name that makes even a French man snicker. Oh well, Clara Grace loves him, so we do too. We are happy to welcome (I can't believe I'm saying this) Pierre to the family.
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Tivo Worthy Television

I got a Tivo a few months ago, and now I'm looking forward to using it to keep up with the new fall shows. The question I have as a Tivo rookie, is what are the fall shows that folks are thinking are Tivo worthy? Of course UT and Titan's football games goes without saying, and I'm also a big fan of The Bronx is Burning and Mad Men. Any other suggestions?