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Another Step Closer

One step closer to Tennessee's 2007 football season is the annual purchasing of the Tennessee media guide. I'm the proud owner of every media guide since 1983.
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Gracie Woman Decade

Clara Grace turned 10 today! She loves to laugh and play with Petey. I'm teaching her to be a Beatles expert. Happy birthday Gracie Woman!!
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Welcome Home Charlotte!

Katie and Jon have welcomed home their new addition, Charlotte. Congratulations!
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Happy Birthday! Rest In Peace

A friend had a birthday today, but it was not the usual celebration. While there were flowers, there were no balloons , candles, or cake. There was music and an impressive crowd, but the birthday girl did not smile once, and did not even get to make a wish. Though there was a little laughter, remembering old times, there were far more tears, and everyone wished that the event was not happening at all. The room was filled with family and friends who wished to be anywhere, but where they were tonight. Worst of all her mother and father did not get to celebrate their daughter's 21st birthday, because instead on that happy day they had to attend her funeral.

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The Walk

Hanson's new cd The Walk came out this week. That's right, Hanson. I took Hannah and a few of her girlfriends to see them at the Ryman Auditorium, and was blown away. I've really only heard one song, Great Divide, which I really like. Hannah's going to let me listen to the rest of the CD tomorrow. Here are some reviews. Indielondon, The Leak Source, Rolling Stone.
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Too Sad to be funny

Though there are hundreds of bad jokes bouncing around my head, I just don't have the heart. If nothing else she seemed very strong and resilient.
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Wrong on So Many Levels

Uncle Frank decided to let Clara Grace and Carly cut his hair. I knew teaching them to spell was dangerous, but I never imagined the horrors that would ensue.
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White by Clara Grace

Clara Grace Willson

White is a blank surface,
a sea of imagination gives white it's own colors.
White is a story waiting to be made.
White stirs the imagination,
so you could go to a bridge leading to a magical kingdom,
or the underwater city of Atlantis.
White is a soft fluffy cloud,
or a cold clean snow.
White is a beauty white.
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Lane's Journey

I recently came across Dr. Lane Cook's blog Journey to Wellness. Dr. Cook's blog documents his journey through prostate cancer. In addition to sharing a first name, I work with Dr. Cook (indirectly) at Cornerstone. It's weird sometimes to hear people refer to a conversation they had with "Lane" about a patient's schizoaffective disorder when I don't know what the hell that is. Then I remember that they are talking about the other Lane, hereafter referred to as Dr. Cook.

In addition to having a great first name, Dr. Cook is also a good writer as I have learned from reading his notes on my patients. I am always impressed that after all the schizowhatever clinical information he provides (after all why spend all that time and money on school if you can't show off a little) he normally includes a very personal as well as accurate impression of his time with the patient. It's obvious he views his time with them as time with a person, and not just a patient.

Thanks to HIPPA you can't read his notes, but you can read his blog.
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My Roo Hoo!

Opening night for Seussical was tonight, and though I'm prejudice, I thought it was great! My Hannah Hoo plays the Sour Kangaroo. It's been quite a while since I've heard her sing, and the girl's got pipes! As she has matured, she's gone from first soprano to a high alto and her voice is so strong.

Hannah has been Hannah Hoo ever since playing Cindy Loo Hoo when she was part of the Knoxville Children's Choir. I am so proud of her! I think her greatest accomplishment has not been any role on stage or achievement in the classroom, but simply her courage to just be herself. One of the things I never expected when my kids were little is that they would one day be my heroes.

BTW, I didn't get to hug Barry's neck. He did a great job playing Thing 1. Hug him for me when you go see the show.